DataCleaner 1.3 and MetaModel 1.0.3 released

Today is the day that we've released DataCleaner 1.3 and MetaModel 1.0.3. Here's a summary of changes:

DataCleaner 1.3
This release contains many new features and improvements.

  • You can save and load work in the Profiler and Validator.
  • Support for working with data quality in XML files.
  • Functionality to swap/dice columns and rows in profiler result tables.
  • A more modular and plugin-friendly UI.
  • Various bugfixes, optimizations, and wider database support.
MetaModel 1.0.3
A minor changes release. Only new feature is the capability to parse and map XML files to the schema-based model. Also the release marks some improvements to documentation and minor bugfixes.