New book on Open Source Business Intelligence tells the DataCleaner-story

About half a year ago we received an exciting inquiry from Jos van Dongen on behalf of him and his co-author Roland Bouman, telling us that they where writing a new book about Open Source Business Intelligence and in particular Pentaho-based solutions. And for this they where looking into DataCleaner for the data profiling section of the book!

The book is now out! It's called "Pentaho Solutions" and it's published by Wiley Publishing. You can read about it and buy it on their website as well.

The book contains a walkthrough for building a data warehouse using Open Souce tools and in doing so applying DataCleaner for the important job of profiling and validation.

We congratulate Roland Bouman and Jos van Dongen for their great work to promote Open Source Business Intelligence and thank them for mentioning DataCleaner while they're at it!