Free OLAP cube icon

Okay this is a bit off-topic compared to my normal posts, but here goes.

When I do websites or GUI design I usually look out for free/open source icon packages such as Tango or Crystal. I have been looking for a nice-looking icon to represent an OLAP cube, preferably in a style and coloring similar to the Tango icon set. Sorry to say, I didn't find any, so I went ahead and spent some hours creating a new icon on my own. Here's the result:

And a plain version without the sum/count text elements (good if you need to resize it to very small sizes):

I'm giving this away under a beerware license, so if you want it, it's yours.


Unknown said...

Hey Kasper,

I was looking for an OLAP icon for exactly the same reason to use in our upcoming Pentaho Kettle Solutions book. Thanks a bunch! (btw DataCleaner is again used as the data profiler)

cheers, Jos

Kasper Sørensen said...

Funny where this kind of thing pops up... have been investigating some stuff for a danish pub sector client and stumbled across this, heh: www.modst.dk/Systemer/OES-LDV/IT-Administrator/OES-LDV-2_3_0

Glad to see my work put to use.