Development/snapshot release of DataCleaner 1.4

We've released a development/snapshot release of DataCleaner 1.4 in order to get early reactions for all the improvements and new features as well as supporting our users with up to date functionality. In my own opinion the development release is just as stable and "safe to use" as 1.3, but of course it lacks a bit of the manual testing that we put into the real releases.

You can download the development release at our sourceforge download site.

Here's a short list of fixes since DataCleaner 1.3:

  • Better memory handling and garbage collection
  • Reference columns in drill-to-details windows
  • Better error handling when loading schemas
  • Quoting of string values in visualized tables (in order to distinguish empty strings and white spaces)
  • New profile: Value Distribution, which is an improved version of the Repeated Values profile. The Value Distribution profile has an option to configure the top/bottom n values to include in the result.
  • Better control of profile result column width.
  • Bugfix: Copy to clipboard functions now work properly.
  • Bugfix: Scrollbars added to visualized tables.

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