New eobjects.dk website

Hi everybody,

I'm anticipating the release of a new eobjects.dk website design. The website will be launched pretty soon I hope - we're doing it as a part of a general server move. The move is to the laboratory at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) called Business of Open Source Software and Standards (BOSSS). With BOSSS we'll have a much better bandwidth and a better performing server as well as better physical security conditions.

The new website will be based on trac 0.11 (currently we use 0.10) and will feature a lot of improvements for visitors, users and contributors:

  • Better theming engine has enabled us to use a more flexible website design with wiki pages appearing as menu items.
  • A whole new news page which will be used to perform announcements on the progress of our projects.
  • A lot of other improvements caused by the trac upgrade.
Here's a little screenshot of the new webpage design (work in progress):

Any comments are welcome!

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