eobjects.org @ JavaOne

I am currently hanging out at the lovely JavaOne conference in San Francisco, checking out cool new Java technology and meeting interesting people. Of course I'm here as a representative from my employer I also do some blogging (in Danish).

Yesterday I saw an interesting session about JFreeChart and surviving as an Open Source professional. Dave Gilbert told us about how he has managed to live from his hobby as a JFreeChart developer, about cool new features of the excellent charting API and about the struggles of making money on Open Source. Very fascinating stuff and I hope that everybody in the chart-consuming business will give it a try. I was quite happily surprised to see the new interactive chart functionality that has been put into the API - I'm wondering how that hadn't found my attention before now! It gave rise to a couple of ideas (or rather: Sparked my motivation) for me to try and implement charting in DataCleaner.

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