Java 6 compilation problems

If you're trying to build DataCleaner 2 and get problems like this ...

...src\main\java\org\eobjects\datacleaner\widgets\properties\ChangeRequirementButton.java:[94,6] inconvertible types
found : org.eobjects.analyzer.job.builder.AbstractBeanWithInputColumnsBuilder<capture#10 of ?,capture#279 of ?,capture#140 of ?>
required: org.eobjects.analyzer.job.builder.FilterJobBuilder<?,?>

...src\main\java\org\eobjects\datacleaner\widgets\properties\MultipleInputColumnsPropertyWidget.java:[116,61] inconvertible types
found : org.eobjects.analyzer.job.builder.AbstractBeanJobBuilder<capture#0 of ?,capture#51 of ?,capture#202 of ?>
required: org.eobjects.analyzer.job.builder.TransformerJobBuilder<?>

...src\main\java\org\eobjects\datacleaner\widgets\properties\SingleInputColumnPropertyWidget.java:[73,61] inconvertible types
found : org.eobjects.analyzer.job.builder.AbstractBeanJobBuilder<capture#29 of ?,capture#564 of ?,capture#109 of ?>
required: org.eobjects.analyzer.job.builder.TransformerJobBuilder<?>
... Then I just wanted to let you know that it's actually a compiler error, not a source code error. The Java 6 compiler (pre update 18 I believe) seems to not be able to cope with subtypes of generic interfaces which contain different type parameters than the interface. Of course this should be (and is in newer compiler versions) possible because a subtype may implement an interface with certain type parameters and define a new set of type parameters. So ... Update to the newest JDK please :)

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