Addressing Open Source BI and data quality at Danish IT

I've been offered to address the Danish IT (Dansk IT) networking group on Business Intelligence next wednesday. I'll be concentrating on talking about Open Source business models, pitfalls and opportunities and an overview of the Open Source BI market including demos of various tools - including DataCleaner of course. I'm thinking this is a great opportunity to get people involved with OS BI - an area that has been somewhat overlooked, at least in Denmark, I think.

Update: Just got home from the networking group and it was a very interesting day sparked with lots of discussions and perspectives on BI products. I can't say that everybody was convinced with going Open Source for their BI solutions but they definitely got an impression of what goes on and most people there was very interested in DataCleaner, perhaps because of the few implications it has on the rest of the BI portfolio to apply our data quality solution.

Update: You can now download my slides about Open Source Business Intelligence and please let me know what you think.

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