Report on DataCleaner development process

As some of you may know DataCleaner started as an academic project for me, investigating how Open Source projects are established, managed and developed. I've been waiting for a long time for the evaluation of the project but yesterday I finally got the results, and I'm proud to announce that I got the top-grade for the assignment! (12 in the danish grading system, which spans from -2 to 12 - I'll have to blog about the grading system some time, it's hilarious).

The project received notable credits for the explorative style of development and this is something that I'm very proud to keep on practicing. I'm publishing the report for free download here, but I'm affraid it's in Danish, so if you don't understand it you'll have to ... learn Danish ;-)

I would appreciate any kind of feedback on my research and I don't mind critics now that I have the acknowledgment of Copenhagen Business School, heh.

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