Presenting DataCleaner at Open Source Days '08

The Open Source Days conference in Copenhagen have been growing steadily for the last couple of years. Some of you may know it by it's former name, LinuxForum, though. This year the conference is featuring a new concept: Lightning speaks. Lightning speaks are less comprehensive speaks by less profiled speakers that are not necessarily based upon a paper. This doesn't mean that the speaks will be less relevant, on the contrary I think we will see a lot of hyper-interesting "up and coming" speakers delivering early keynotes of major topics to come.

As you may have guessed by my enthusiasm about the Lightning Speak concept, I am speaking at this years Open Source Days conference on Sunday the 4th of October at 14:00! The topic will be DataCleaner and how the eobjects.dk (and now eobjects.org) community have delivered one of the leading open source Data Quality solutions within less than a year! Here's the official speak statement:

DataCleaner is the most advanced open source data quality solution available. You can use DataCleaner to profile, validate and compare your data in an intuitive graphical environment. The application is compliant with lots of datasources such as JDBC databases, CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, OpenOffice.org database-files and xml files. Among the interesting features are identification of string patterns, value distributions, dictionary lookups, javascripted validation rules, regular expression validation along with traditional metrics used for data profiling and analysis. Come to this lightning speak to listen to Kasper Sørensen, the founder of eobjects.dk and main developer of DataCleaner who will demonstrate DataCleaner and give a quick overview of what's going on with open source data quality.
I hope that if you're joining the conference you'll come and hear me out. And if you're not planning to come - then please reconsider ;) I'm very much looking forward to showing of our great product and I think it will be a lovely experience to get some more focus on data quality as well.

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