Open Source acknowledged by the Data Quality community?

Here in Denmark I often feel that the Data Quality, Master Data Management and Business Intelligence field is pretty fearsome towards Open Source software. I think this largely has to do with lack of presence, a lot of prejudices and few established consultancy firms in this part of the world.

This is also why it's always a great surprise, and a good one, when you catch the interest of the international Data Quality venue. Last week I was in a correspondence with the guys over at Data Quality Pro who was building a new Open Source Data Quality page and we had a nice chat about the tools available and the opportunities out there. I'm very glad that people are showing interest and hopefully the Danish BI scene will also adapt to the wonderful world of Open Source software as we go along...

Talking about getting the word out, where should you "advertise" your Open Source product to the business world? I personally think it's hard work to market your product even though you're giving it away for free and you would think that people automatically rushed to your website ;) Of course everyone needs to be aware that the software is here and I try a lot to put the word out there on conferences, wikipedia, sourceforge, freshmeat, ohloh etc.. But let me raise this question to everybody involved with marketing software for no cost: How do you do it?

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